Centering Jewelry

Centering Jewelry

Centering jewelry is a tool you can use while meditating or throughout your day by holding it in-between your fingers to help with redirecting that energy.

There are all sorts of occasions in life when our nerves can get the better of us. Feelings of anxiety, a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating & light-headedness are normal in these situations. Fortunately, with a little practice, you can turn this nervous energy into positive concentration using a technique called “Centering.”


Centering is an ancient visualization technique that is popular in Aikido, the Japanese defensive martial art of “spiritual harmony.” It teaches you to focus on the here & now, taking power away from outside concerns and negative thoughts & helping you remain stable and grounded.

Aikido trains your mind to control your body’s reactions using the concept of “ki.” This holds that all physical and mental power comes from the flow of energy around your body. Energy is lost when you are tense or stressed, but Centering redirects negative energy in a beneficial way.

Think back to a time when you were feeling stressed or afraid. What physical reactions did you experience? Tense muscles, rapid breathing, sweating palms & a racing heart are all common reactions to a stressful situation.

Now, imagine that all of these feelings are the result of energy flowing through your body. Centering uses your mind to redirect this energy to the center of your body, giving you a sense of inner calm.

If you would like a completely custom centering necklace for yourself, please visit my customs page to contact me, I would be honored to make something special that speaks to your soul!